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Memorandum of understanding with Singapore Fintech Association

With our great pleasure, HKIFA and Singapore Fintech Association (SFA) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to foster a strong relationship between the parties and to make coordinated effort to build the FinTech ecosystem.

SFA is a cross-industry and non-profit organization the purpose of which is to support the development of the FinTech industry in Singapore, and to facilitate collaboration among the participants and stakeholders of the FinTech ecosystem in Singapore. SFA is a member-based organization with its members representing the full range of stakeholders in the FinTech industry from early stage innovative companies to large financial players and service providers. To further its aim of developing the FinTech industry in Singapore, SFA also partners with institutions and other associations from Singapore and globally to cooperate on initiatives relating to the FinTech industry.

HKIFA welcomes and looks forward to potential further collaboration with SFA in the form of joint projects and initiatives in the coming time.

Please find SFA's official website:


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