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The Hong Kong Fintech Industry Association celebrates its tenth anniversary and co-founds International Digital Economies Association in Hong Kong

The International Digital Economies Association (IDEA), has been launched in Hong Kong during Web3 Festival with founding members from around the world. IDEA would like to become a global movement focused on driving collaboration and knowledge sharing among leaders across diverse sectors to propel the digital economies of member nations forward, representing a significant portion of the world's population.

The organization has quickly gained traction, with organizations and industry leaders from over 25 countries joining its ranks.

At the launch, Mr. Paul Li, the president of Hong Kong Fintech Industry Association and one of the founding board members, invited representatives from various countries to Hong Kong to sign the MOU in the creation of IDEA. This widespread participation showcased the global interest and commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation in the area of digital economies.

Mr. Paul Li said: “The establishment of iDEA in Hong Kong strengthens our position as a global digital economy hub. With members from different parts of the world, we see a lot of synergy in cross border projects in ecommerce, fintech and etc.”


Amor Maclang, convenor of IDEA emphasized, "Our organization is more than just an association; it's a movement for the global majority. Through collaboration and shared knowledge, IDEA empowers leaders to build thriving digital economies in their respective nations."

At the launch ceremony held in Central, Hong Kong, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong FinTech Industry Association and the inauguration of IDEA's headquarters in Hong Kong, Dr. Bernard Chan JP, Under Secretary of Commerce and Economic Development Bureau of HKSAR, was invited to be the honorary guest and delivered a speech.

The establishment of IDEA's headquarters in Hong Kong not only signifies the increasing importance of Hong Kong as a global financial and digital economic center but also represents the strong willingness of representatives from countries around the world to engage in discussions on topics such as financial technology and digital economy as new quality productive forces with China.

IDEA’s founding board members are key players in the global digital economies space. The list of founding board members are as below (members of the iDEA Board either representing an organization or joining as individual members):


1.    Africa Fintech Network represented by its President Dr. Olusegun Aina

2.    Digital Pilipinas/Digital ASEAN represented by its Founder, CEO Cristina Amor Maclang

3.    Jatinder Handoo, India Fintech leader joining as Founding Individual member

4.    Finnovating represented by its CEO Rodrigo Garcia De La Cruz

5.    Hong Kong Fintech Industry Association represented by its President Paul Li

6.    New Economy Skills Training Institute (NEST) represented by its Chairman Chia Hock Lai

7.    FinTech Consult represented by its CEO Jochen Biedermann

The team at IDEA remains optimistic and enthusiastic about the prospects that lie ahead. With a shared vision and commitment to excellence, IDEA is confident that the future endeavors will yield even greater success and impact.


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