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Top crypto funding stories of 2022

2022 was a watershed year for crypto venture capital, as investors poured tens of billions of dollars into blockchain-focused startups despite the overwhelmingly bearish trend in asset prices. Is the VC-dominated crypto funding model good for the industry? Only time will tell.

Cointelegraph Research is still in the process of tallying all the funding figures for the year, but 2022 easily outpaced all other years in terms of total capital raised and deals completed. VC inflows were above $14 billion in each of the first two quarters before receding to just under $5 billion in the third quarter — still an impressive tally given the industry-wide contagion sparked by the sudden collapses of Celsius, Three Arrows Capital, Genesis, BlockFi and FTX, among others.

Against this backdrop, we’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest funding stories of 2022.

Haun Ventures: Raises $1.5B

Huobi Global: Launches $1B fund

NBA Top Shot creator: $725M fund

Dragonfly Capital: Launches $650M fund

Fireblocks: Raises $550M

Binance Labs: Earmarks $500M for Web3 development

Yuga Labs: $450M funding round

Polygon: $450M investment round

Multicoin Capital: $430M for new startup fund

Framework Ventures: $400M raised

Ava Labs: $350M in new funding

Near Protocol: $350M funding round

Binance.US: $200M seed round


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