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Join in us in Group Treasurers Innovation Forum

In recent years, the corporate treasurer role has seen a significant evolution. At a time, being a group treasurer meant assessing pure risk and cash management, especially as related to interest rate and foreign exchange risks. However, changes in current regulations combined with the speed & volatility of global business have transformed this role into something more complex. The modern corporate treasurer, now has a more strategic decision-making role earning a seat at the table with increased ownership along with new tasks, responsibilities and bigger expectations which fall into the treasury’s court.

It is imminent that the treasury function isn’t retreating, rather likely to continue as a critical resource particularly when planning and engaging Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) transactions. Barclays Group Treasurer, Kathryn McLeland mentions there is a significant increase in demand for treasury talent including technical treasury capabilities at the junior level. Businesses are aware that they risk leaving a substantial amount of money on the table that without a competent treasury management team. A clear example is how Wabtec delivered huge savings when acquiring GE Transportation in 2019 and as a result, creating USD 15 billion in market cap for Wabtec. 2022 even recorded a surge in treasury landscape salaries in between 23-33% further solidifying their position in financial operations.

SaaS and cloud technologies continue its dominance in being the preferred choice for treasurers when adopting new software solutions. With over 82% of all new treasury implementations being SaaS solutions, which showcases an 11% increase from the previous year. 2023 saw 45% of treasury teams actively using APIs for information reporting with their banks, and 28% for executing payments. This shows a double-digit growth in API adoption since 2021, and an impressive triple-digit growth since 2018.

The Group Treasurers Innovation Forum by Trueventus will focus on the technology that you need and the trends to monitor to stay on top of the game. Join us and tune into insights by market leaders and subject experts on navigating through now advanced and volatile world of treasury operations.

We are very happy to support the Group Treasurers Innovation Forum. HKFIA community can take advantage of an exclusive 10% discount by registering for this transformative event using HKFIA’s brochure. (

Looking forward to seeing all the new and old friends in Singapore on 14-15 August.


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