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China Bay Area Delegation's Study Tour (Macau)

HKIFA was honoured to co-organise a two-day study tour for China Bay Area Internet Finance Alliance's delegation to Macau exchange views and ideas around Fintech development in the region. The 30-people delegation comprises of Fintech experts and academic leaders from Guangzhou Internet Finance Association, Guangdong Internet Finance Association, Macau University of Science and Technology, Inclusive Finance Association of Guangzhou and HKIFA.

To commence the study tour, the delegation attended a seminar hosted by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Macau) and MacauPass Company Limited, which was the first retail payment stored value facility service provider in Macau.

On the second day of the study tour, the delegation exchanged views over the topic of talent acquisition at Macau University of Science and Technology. The study tour proceeded with the insightful sharing by experts at Macao Monetary Authority and E-Commerce Association of Macau.


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