Connect the East and the West
in Fintech World


What we do?

Think Tank

Digital Transformation

Gathered a group of industrial experts and provide insights to industrial players and regulators

We help traditional FIs to transform into a future proof organisation

Global Network


Formed alliance with key industrial organisations and corporates, we established a global network for fintech players 

Organise events and seminars for public or executives about Fintech


Our Vision

Established in 2014, Hong Kong Fintech Industry Association (HKFIA) is a non-profit organisation established in Hong Kong. HKFIA has led some of the most ambitious efforts i to promote and advance the education of Fintech and of the use of technology for benefit of the public.


We facilitate communication between Fintech practitioners and governmental bodies and promote practitioners and governmental bodies and promote international exchange of idea around Fintech development.



Level 54, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen's Road East, Hong Kong


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